Your Pagespeed Insights Score Is Bad, and Why That’s OK

Recently, Google announced they are now factoring pagespeed scores into search rankings. With this, Google’s own pagespeed tool, Pagespeed Insights has been in the forefront. There is logic here; afterall, Google’s results with pagespeed must surely factor in their own pagespeed tool. However, back in November, Pagespeed Insights backend was torn out and replaced with a tool called

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Food for Thought: 5 Ways to Promote Your Restaurant on Social Media

Nothing connects friends, communities, or even strangers together quite the way that food or social media do. Both are continually evolving and influencing new ideas, making it essential for restaurants to utilize social and take advantage of the power that these two driving forces have. Here are 5 helpful ways to take your restaurant’s social

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Holiday In 2018: Forecasts Predict A Spending Surge

According to e-Marketer, consumer e-commerce spending within the US is expected to increase by 16.2% during the 2018 holiday season. Due to an overall positive economic status within the nation with a 3% GDP growth, and increased e-commerce spending so far in 2018, users are expected to spend more liberally over the shopping season compared to

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Who Rides? Pro-Transit Sentiment Takes a Back Seat to Service Level

As past chairman of APTA’s marketing and communications committee, and current member of its Transportation Cooperative Research Program J-01 Dissemination Panel, I was intrigued by findings published in the TCRP Research Report 201: Understanding Changes in Demographics, Preferences, and Markets for Public Transportation. The most interesting to me was the assertion that, when it comes

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Is Your Website Ready for Gutenberg?

We all know change is inevitable. As a digital marketer, this couldn’t be truer. No day is the same as this digital world is ever-changing and technology is constantly progressing. So, let us fill you in on the digital buzz. Gutenberg is Coming WordPress, the content management system that many websites are built on, is

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MAIN ST. Arts Fest Social Media Takes Tops in Texas

Our PR / Social Media team earned statewide braggin’ rights at the Texas Festivals & Events Association’s 2018 KALIFF Zenith Awards. PAVLOV took home the Gold for Best Social Media Site and Best Social Media Campaign, selected from more than 50 entries from events and festivals across the Lone Star State. A big shout-out and thanks goes

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3 Tips for Effective Time Management

Agency life is incredibly fast-paced; therefore, organization and office time management are essential. Without these, time can be wasted, wrong tasks can be prioritized, and deadlines missed – all of which will negatively affect the agency. Below are three-time management tips that are often overlooked. 1) Create to-do lists When your workload is piling up,

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GDPR and You: What It Means for Your Business

You’ve probably heard about this whole GDPR thing, but you might not know how it affects your business. Let us explain. Some things to highlight about GDPR: Data must be deleted if an individual no longer wants a company to process their data. For companies collecting customer data or processing sensitive data on a large

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