Take It from Apple: Reward Your Audience with Great Creative

GREAT ADVERTISING is sometimes about rewarding your audience for their attention. Case in point: Here’s a commercial to love. Way back when, I dreamt of a career in film and made Super-8 movies. For one, I built brackets to hang off the side of my car to capture a car chase from street level, and


Banking on Genius

One of the best things about the calling of being a brand strategist is that you have the good fortune to see a lot of genius, up close and personal. My brand strategy path involves digging and discovery to understand the hearts, souls and brains of the brands I serve. I’ve learned that anything worth


How “The Force” Helped Shape Our Rebrand

We’ve helped many companies through successful “name-storming” and logo ideation projects. To aid in the process it helps when we explain, in gestalt terms, how we derived our own corporate identity. Our methodology can be complex, so I’ve boiled it down to the basics: First, the name. It means more when it stands for something.


Why Face-to-Face Communication Is Still Important in a Digital World

In a world where it’s fast and convenient to communicate digitally, face-to-face communication is becoming less and less common. Ideas are spread, decisions are made, and contracts are signed via email – and it’s not unlikely for all of these things to take place without the need for a single in-person meeting. At PAVLOV, we


PR Sizzles For Austin City Taco Co.

PAVLOV’s top-tier, regional press placements have put client Austin City Taco Co. squarely in the “lime”light, helping ACTC to impressive performance in its first six months. To support the opening of the new concept taqueria, team PAVLOV deployed a campaign of social media, influencer marketing and PR/media relations that has earned more than 30+ placements

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Packaging with Purpose?

During one of my many few stops by the local liquor store, I found myself wandering and truly getting lost in the beauty of the packaging. I forgot why I was there in the first place and began to walk down each aisle at a snail’s pace, ooing and ahhing. I have that same feeling