3 Tips for Effective Time Management

Agency life is incredibly fast-paced; therefore, organization and office time management are essential. Without these, time can be wasted, wrong tasks can be prioritized, and deadlines missed – all of which will negatively affect the agency.

Below are three-time management tips that are often overlooked.

1) Create to-do lists

When your workload is piling up, and some tasks are prioritized over others, it’s easy lose track of what needs to be done. Creating a list can be one of the easiest and most effective techniques. Lists are also useful when remembering the day and completing those pesky time sheets.

2) Divide large projects into manageable tasks

Identify and divide a big project into manageable tasks. Track the time spent on each task to better understand when and why they get behind schedule. Refine your process to improve your workflow and efficiencies.

3) Leave time between tasks

When rushing from task to task, it’s difficult to stay focused and motivated. Allow yourself some down-time between tasks to step away from your desk for a short walk or change of scenery. This will help recharge yourself to focus on the rest of the day.

Start with these simple steps and you will soon see the benefits of effective time management, such as feeling less stressed and worried, controlling your schedule, achieving more in less time, and, most importantly, finding ideal work/life balance.