Is Your Website Ready for Gutenberg?

We all know change is inevitable. As a digital marketer, this couldn’t be truer. No day is the same as this digital world is ever-changing and technology is constantly progressing. So, let us fill you in on the digital buzz.

Gutenberg is Coming

WordPress, the content management system that many websites are built on, is coming out with their latest version, WordPress 5.0 (aka Gutenberg). This new publishing experience will provide a single interface for creation and editing on a more user-friendly platform for non-technical users.

How it Works

Rather than being treated as a word processor, the entire structure of Gutenberg is based off blocks. Blocks are used for everything from content and images to spacers and buttons. Drag-and-drop blocks and multi-column layouts will make arranging pages easier than before. Luckily, for developers and non-developers alike, these blocks are customizable, meaning your website can still have as much personality as your creativity.

What it Means for You

Interaction with your website will undoubtedly change – how you post, update content, add images and much more. Right off the bat, you will notice the look and feel of the editor will change. The cleaner layout is intended to simplify and cause less confusion. Pro tip: Find out which plugins will break with Gutenberg so you can find a fix before they become issues on your website for all the world to see.

Simply put, Gutenberg aims to provide a simpler experience for website creation and editing for the non-HTML-savvy. With divided reviews between the embracing and the wary, WordPress essentially is saying ‘this is how it will be.’ Users will have the ability to disable the update for a short period, but this temporary solution will only delay the unavoidable. We recommend updating and formatting to adjust for any inconsistencies.

While we can’t predict the future, we can help prepare for it as much as possible. Let PAVLOV help you prepare for Gutenberg; contact us at [email protected].