How “The Force” Helped Shape Our Rebrand

We’ve helped many companies through successful “name-storming” and logo ideation projects. To aid in the process it helps when we explain, in gestalt terms, how we derived our own corporate identity. Our methodology can be complex, so I’ve boiled it down to the basics: First, the name. It means more when it stands for something. Having advised CEOs and Fortune 500 brands, our desired position is the “sage” archetype (wisdom, knowledge and power; in literature, the sage often takes the form of a mentor or a teacher to the hero, playing a crucial role in the hero’s journey), but with an edge –– like Yoda, the wise, old Jedi badass from Star Wars. We chose PAVLOV from among 100 name options. More than just any common sage, the Nobel-winning scientist discovered the concept of stimulus and response –– the primal mechanism behind marketing psychology –– making our name all the more relevant. Second, the logo. It has to say more without saying a word. Armed with a great name, we needed a logo to match. Our design strategy fused a customized typeface made more appealing by a bit of topsy-turvy whimsy to match our desired brand personality. To simplify its application, we kept to a logotype that acts as its own logomark, and a single, attention-getting color. The result is a strong, but playful, design that doesn’t blend in and looks damn good on an oversized coffee mug. Together, our PAVLOV corporate identity accurately conveys our position as expert marketing strategy advisors to leader brands and their decision makers.