Banking on Genius

One of the best things about the calling of being a brand strategist is that you have the good fortune to see a lot of genius, up close and personal.

My brand strategy path involves digging and discovery to understand the hearts, souls and brains of the brands I serve. I’ve learned that anything worth branding is the product of genius. Whether it’s sizable and established like America’s easiest big-city airport (San Antonio International), or a feisty tech startup that cures the ills of hospital staffing (Stogo), the organizations I get to explore  have incredible ideas, passion and effort poured into them by some very, very smart people. Geniuses.

North Dallas Bank & Trust (or NDBT, as they say for short) is a fine example of that genius. It began in 1960 with a single prime location at the northwest corner of Forest Lane and Preston Road. While other banks have flipped, folded or sold, NDBT has grown to more than $1.3 billion in assets and multiple prime locations by remaining true to the genius of its core values of integrity, service and responsiveness. NDBT bankers devote themselves to helping people make smarter choices in business and life. They call it being “the bank with the high Y.Q.,” or “You Quotient” – something to appreciate if you have the good fortune to be an NDBT customer.

NDBT’s president, Larry Miller, was interviewed by D CEO Magazine for a feature marking the bank’s 60th anniversary. It’s an illuminating read for all you geniuses who want to see your brands thrive over the next 60 years. Check it out here: