Public Relations

There’s a reason why Bill Gates said, “If I only had two dollars left, I would spend one dollar on PR.”

In the era of “fake news,” consumers are savvier than ever before, and their loyalty isn’t easily won. Earned media is the leading criteria for organic searches as it gives consumers the confidence that only comes from a respected—and objective—third-party.

Although we have a proven track record of securing local and national exposure, news coverage isn’t our primary PR goal. Business growth and bottom-line results are our top priority. We believe that’s why we’ve become Fort Worth’s most in-demand partner for PR.


The difference between a powerful PR program and incremental ink for your business is our approach. We provide assessment, outline goals and objectives, identify target audiences, develop key messages, and organize tactics to determine the best and most effective way to communicate.

Research & Planning

Two of the most essential parts of all PR programs, research and planning, help us identify and evaluate opportunities, determine goals, and create a roadmap for success.

Media Relations

The key word here is relations. Achieving effective results requires strong, positive and trusted relationships with the media and those responsible for creating news or writing content. We add the credibility that allows your company to share its messages through strong, healthy media relations.

Press Releases

Also called news releases, press releases are compellingly crafted informational stories written to educate and entice targeted media members to write and publish an article. Who? What? Where? When? But most importantly, our expert PR writers deliver the “why” they should care about your business.


There are news stories that mention your business, and then there are high-profile stories that become the feature. High-profile editorial is our PR team’s key differentiator and premier achievement, ultimately providing your company with more credibility, increased awareness and bottom-line results.

Pitching & News Angles

News outlets and bloggers are always looking for news that interests their readers and improves their content. We develop story ideas that pair client products or services with topics that readers of specific publications and social media channels will find interesting, timely, entertaining or useful.

Byline Articles

A valuable tool in helping your business gain credibility as an expert source, byline or contributing articles give attribution to companies or people who exhibit knowledge and insight about a specific topic. We use our industry connections to stay at the forefront of these opportunities for our clients.


Most companies have plenty to say, but are not sure how or where to say it. We specialize in securing interviews with media and obtaining public speaking engagements for our clients so they can showcase their expertise.  Both are powerful (but underutilized) awareness-building tools that show thought leadership, make a large impact on audiences and result in the attainment of new business.