Our Preaction process is a proactive approach to brand platform development.

It’s a proven methodology that identifies key benefits, pinpoints the right voice and personality, determines the proper positioning and differentiation and provides crucial guardrails to ensure success.

Customer Insights

The difference between assumed vs. real consumer needs or desires can completely change how to position a brand for success. Our path to better outcomes begins with digging for these essential insights using proprietary intensive market and competitive research and analysis.

Discovery and Research

Through the thoughtful construction of surveys, customer interviews, focus groups, industry resources and internal audits, customer and brand data is carefully evaluated to uncover insights that will serve as foundational building blocks for our brand development process.

Interpretation & Development

Research insights are then applied within our proven process and brand development practices to produce a brand action plan that provides a strong framework to guide all aspects of a company’s marketing practices.

Key Brand Strategy

The Key Brand Strategy is the essential outcome of our entire branding and positioning process. Our brand experts bring critical insight into distilling what the company wants the world to understand about it into a single, powerful (and actionable) idea.

Success Metrics and Lasting Power

Although generating near-term sales is a goal, a Brand Strategy is not confined to the short-term. When done properly, it can increase company value and serve for years, or even generations.

Building your brand is about connecting your company’s values, purpose and personality with customers’ needs and desires, and generating lasting relationships that will inspire customers to buy from you again and again. We will work with you to set measurable objectives, such as GAP and consumer sentiment studies, as well as tracking real-time returns to provide quantifiable metrics for brand awareness and health.