People engage with brands and share their stories in many ways.

We’re media Sherpas who help lead the way to your customers’ eyes, ears, hearts and minds through digital and traditional channels, using the most advanced tools and techniques to ensure your message makes the right impression. And our transparent reporting keeps us accountable.


What to say is an important first step in communication, but where to say it is crucial to bringing the message to life. Developing the most effective media strategy involves a complex knowledge of available tactics, recognizing new possibilities and perfectly matching them with your company’s objectives.

Planning & Buying

Your customers and their media consumption habits are a moving target. We approach media planning and buying with a focus on alignment of messaging, exacting placement and identifying new, unique opportunities to ensure your message is in the right place at the right time – always while negotiating for the lowest cost and highest value added. True to our entrepreneurial spirit, we spend your money as if it were our own.

Reporting & Analysis

Quantifying media spend is essential to properly managing a media plan’s success. We provide daily, weekly and monthly monitoring and reporting with in-depth analysis based on your custom KPIs and specific business goals.

Paid Search

More than just bidding on phrases or words in search engines, effective PPC strategy requires a deep knowledge of complex consumer drivers, marketing insights and expert tactics. PAVLOV’s paid search specialists develop granular campaigns and detailed bid strategies to create and capture demand.

Display Media

The average person online consumes more than 100 pages daily and breaking through to them is challenging. Presenting your message at the right time, on the right screen and to the right person is key. Our display specialists utilize advanced data sets, the latest technology and bidding methodology to ensure your display delivers.

Paid Social

Engaging customers using only traditional forms of media has become nearly impossible. The landscape is more dynamic and requires businesses be more relevant to how people communicate in their lives. Our Paid Social experts create content that extends your message to garner interaction and brand loyalty and then places it on appropriate platforms.

Email Marketing

Strategic email programs are effective tools for staying top-of-mind with core customers, re-engaging lapsed customers and efficiently targeting new potential customers. We apply segmentation tactics and create unique messaging strategies that set you apart from the promotional flood of your customer’s inbox.


While print ad circulation has decreased with the proliferation of digital advertising, its effectiveness on average is more powerful due to stronger engagement by the readers. We understand that print advertising is an important part of any marketing plan mix and the tangible, invigorating connection it can create.


Television commercials are the most exciting and memorable parts of advertising and often the subject of much water cooler talk. They are perfect for communicating to large audiences when people are most attentive. We have extensive experience in translating brands into commercials that get viewers to respond.


Radio advertising combines reach, frequency, affordability and, with the vast variety of format options available, pinpointed targeting that match your customer’s interests. Through the theatre of the mind, we also create very strong consumer connections by effectively stimulating emotions with stories and sound.


In a world that’s increasingly on-the-go, public placements including billboards, transit, environmental and alternate guerrilla ads are an effective means of turning practically anything into an attention getter. We help clients turn this widespread media into widely recognized communication through out-of-home advertising.

New Media

From smart home speakers to virtual reality, new media is all around us. These formats offer expanded opportunities to engage with customers, capture their attention at times when they are most aware and keep your brand top-of-mind.