Purple Passion: 12 Years of Branding TCU Athletics

I’ve worked with some interesting and diverse clients in my career, like rock star Stewart Copeland (of The Police), the atom smashing super-conducting super collider, mega-casino resorts, a famous footwear company and a beloved coffee creamer brand, to name a few – but none more fulfilling than my alma mater, TCU.

I vividly remember, while a student there, trying (and failing) to get an internship at the advertising firm led by a big TCU alum. Fast forward to our recent move to new offices where, in the process, we unpacked more than a decade’s worth of creative campaigns done for Horned Frogs football, basketball, baseball, The Frog Club and recruiting departments…truly a visual case study that captures the spirit of the TCU brand. Years earlier, at our first meeting with TCU Athletics Director, Dr. Danny Morrison, his charge to us was to “Put a national polish on the branding to match the success of the program.”

The consistency of the messaging and graphics are a testament to our close collaboration with the client’s marketing team and the passion our team pours into the process. It’s a highly decorated compendium, with business results, creative awards and peer recognition to its credit. And, if ranked by TCU’s success during our tenure – including the Rose Bowl victory, trips to the College Baseball World Series, NIT Basketball Championship and others – our work measures up even more. That, alone, makes it a great account. But in the end, for me (a guy who bleeds purple and bursts with Horned Frog pride), the work we’ve accomplished is really its own, greatest, reward. Here’s a sampling of some of our work: