PAVLOV’s Picks: Fort Worth’s Newest Instagram-Worthy Murals

In a society centered around social media, users all over the world have turned to Instagram to build a personal brand and express creativity with pictures. Here at PAVLOV, we’re certainly aware of the importance of upholding a trendy social media presence, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the newest murals in Fort Worth to help channel your inner influencer:

Mend Hair Studio

Photo credit: @mendhairstudio

Everything’s bigger in Texas, y’all – including our murals! Artist Steffi Lynn completed this charming piece on the side of Mend Hair Studio’s building in January and we’re already seeing it all over Instagram. This spunky mural has just the right amount of Texas pride to complement your hometown roots, and enough color to really make your profile pop!

The Grey Stitch

If you find yourself in the Near Southside neighborhood, be on the lookout for two colorful new murals on the side of The Grey Stitch embroidery shop. Artist Laura Mayberry put the final touches on these murals in April, and we’re positive that Instagram influencers are soon to follow. Whether you want to pose in front of a fun, color-block background or a quirky quote, you can be the first of your friends to feature these murals on your profile.

Trinity Art Court

Photo credit: @artscreamtruck

Trinity Art Court is breaking through the mural trend with vibrant, new court art that’s bound to brighten up your feed. Complete with a wide variety of colors and patterns, this large basketball court features countless ways to show off your creativity – so be sure to stock up on a variety of photos from every angle!

Austin City Taco Co.

Stop by 517 University Drive for a mouthwatering Austin-style taco and an Instagram-worthy picture! Fort Worth’s newest taqueria opened their doors in April and has customers raving about their 12-hour brisket tacos, “Cheat Day!” queso, and honey oat cereal gelato (topped with fruity pebbles!). From their colorful outdoor murals to their eye-catching green wall, Austin City Taco is overflowing with fun photo ops and irresistible food.

Inspiration Alley

Photo credit: @thefoundrydistrictfw

Inspiration Alley, located in Fort Worth’s Foundry District, is brimming with a variety of murals – from cultural works-of-art to aesthetically-pleasing backgrounds. With new murals popping up daily, Inspiration Alley is the perfect place to channel your inner influencer and stock up on a variety of colorful content!