Life’s a Classroom: 3 Things to Know When Starting Your First Advertising Job

You’ve studied your whole life to pass the tests, quizzes and homework. You’ve cried tears over group projects and last-minute papers, and now you’re a college graduate with your first real job. Here are three things to know when walking into your new classroom – the advertising agency world.

  1. You’re there to help your team. Agency life is a team sport. No matter how much you bring to the table, the most effective results almost always come from a collaboration of different approaches and ideas. Embracing teamwork will allow you to learn from others, share ideas, build relationships, and increase productivity. Don’t be afraid to give feedback or ask for help – the ultimate goal is to work together with your team to produce the best possible results for your clients.
  2. Never stop learning. This is your first job. You’re constantly learning and improving. Even as a graphic designer, learn what you can about digital media. Even as an account executive, learn what you can about media buying. The more you understand about other departments, the bigger asset you’ll become to both your clients and your agency.
  3. Pay attention to those around. There’s a lot to learn when you begin your first job, and chances are, you’ll be surrounded by people who have been in the business for a while and know how to handle any situation. Pay attention to these people. They didn’t become successful by chance – they worked hard and learned from their peers. Listen to how they interact with clients, watch how they approach projects, and observe the steps they take to find a solution. Always listen, always watch, and always take notes.

Starting your first job at an advertising agency is a huge accomplishment after graduating, but the hard work doesn’t stop there. A different kind of work begins. Fun work, grueling work, and most importantly, rewarding work. Welcome to your new classroom.