5 Takeaways from the “Everything: Content and Social” Conference

PAVLOV knows that if you want to dominate the competition (and the newsfeed), you need a strong content strategy. That’s why we sent our social media leads, Hannah Lacamp and Gunnar Wilbert, to the “Everything: Content and Social” conference (powered by Digital Summit), where they were exposed to the key players in the industry on how to break through the noise. Here are their top 5 takeaways:

1) Give more than you take.

Trust in branded content drops 90% the first time you plug your product. According to Joe Lazauskas, editor-in-chief of Contently, we’ve entered a “Golden Age” for brands that want to form authentic connections with their audience. When developing a content strategy, it’s important to ask yourself, “How can I help people enjoy their lives more?” And no, the answer can’t be your product.

2) Look for trends in conventional and non-conventional places.

When tracking down content ideas, use organic search trends and insights to create content that users are already looking for. Look to Google’s “people also ask” box, search through Pinterest’s possibilities planner, or dig into Google Trends to find areas of discoverability.

3) It’s all about data.

Consider this statistic: 5% of content gets 90% of the attention. Brands that leverage first and third-party data will have an incredible advantage when it comes to telling their story. Discover which trends are working and use them to create more engaging content that resonates with your audience.

4) Create content with the user in mind.

Your Facebook page should act as a user, not an advertiser. As a result of Facebook’s recent algorithm changes, comments and replies are now more important to organic reach than likes or shares. It’s up to you to create content that starts conversations. What you share on social media should be less about quality and more about relevancy to each user’s interaction with you.

5) Don’t be in social unless you’re prepared to do it all.

Success on social media is much more than just selling your product or service. To really break through the noise, you need to dig deep, look for trends beyond your practice, create a story that people can connect with, and build meaningful relationships with your audiences.