Nothing But Net: PAVLOV Wins 2018 National ADDY Award

Sure, we netted a Silver National ADDY Award for our creative campaign for TCU Women’s Basketball, but we’re just as proud of what we helped the program accomplish.

It started out with a pledge: “We are athletes of the highest caliber. No one sweats more. No one pushes harder. Nobody grinds quite like us. We see every day as an opportunity to strengthen not only our bodies, but also our resolve,” and it turned into a mantra that propelled the team on the court and beyond.

TCU asked for a message that accurately portrayed its team of strong, fierce, determined women. What they got was the attention and support of other female athletes and fans across the nation. The Power of Her campaign perfectly channeled the athletes’ personal aspirations and inner drive, as well as the collective attitude of women’s sports in general.

Through HER, anything is possible. The images used were equally inspiring, displaying both the grit and grace magnified through high-contrast photos, saturated colors, and real statements of emotion that opened incredible dialogues throughout the season about the importance of female respect, aspiration and potential.

This campaign became more than a ticket driver; its underpinning theme promoted the idea that any woman who puts in the effort can be tougHER, go furtHER, and reach higHER.

Thanks to the TCU Women’s Basketball program for giving PAVLOV this opportunity to be a part of something special. TogetHER, we made a difference. And thanks to our team (Morgan Godby, Margot Albert, Cassie Kruemcke, DeLaine Kruzel) for extraordinary efforts in bringing it to life.