Tom Ford’s New Perfume Stinks

Not the product, itself, but the name certainly does: Fucking Fabulous. Is someone asleep at the wheel over at Tom Ford? For a brand that has been so carefully cultivated and maintained, like Tom’s beard, this latest product name seems ridiculous and crude. And it is lazy, like when fashion company, French Connection, changed its name to FCUK in the 1990s. Up until now it seems everything about the Tom Ford brand has been well strategized and meticulously studied in its approach. But this gimmicky moniker derails like the low-brow, slapstick comedy of a Three Stooges movie or an incorrigible child who screams for attention. Hey Tom, your stuff is fanatically top quality and (usually) artfully displayed…you don’t have to stoop to this level to get noticed. As a marketer, I disapprove. However, I am sure normally discerning patrons will snap up the limited edition, like a guilty pleasure, in a fit of fake rebellion. Let’s hope the smell is so sublime that it can mask the cheap novelty of the name.