Snapchat and Facebook and Instagram, OH MY!

With new social media apps popping up right and left, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and feel pressured to create an account on half-a-dozen platforms before actually understanding what each platform actually does. When joining a social media network, there are several tips to keep in mind.


#1: More ≠ Better

Do not join every social media network. Learn about the platforms you’re interested in to decide which ones successfully reach your target audience. Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter all reach different demographics and appeal to different personalities, so do your research. For example, there are very few Snapchat users over the age of 30, and the number of teens active on Facebook is dwindling. Pick one or two networks to focus on, and your content will be more effective.


#2: Time is Money

It takes a significant amount of time to craft or find material, engage with followers, and ensure the overall maintenance of multiple social media platforms. Don’t let the content suffer because resources are spread too thin. If there is only time to successfully maintain a Facebook page and Twitter account, don’t add Instagram and Snapchat. Once you have successfully established a presence on a few platforms, then consider looking into additional networks.

Also, remember that Facebook content does not seamlessly translate to Snapchat, and Twitter content is not going to generate engagement among Instagram users. It can become time-consuming to alter created content to fit into additional platforms, so use your resources well.


#3: It Pays to Play

Before launching your social media accounts, decide if you are going to budget for paid posts. If you can afford to pay for multiple posts per month, go for it. But if you only plan on boosting one post occasionally, it may not be worth it. We have dubbed this process as a “black hole,” where you start off by paying for a small number of posts, which can lead to becoming completely dependent on them to receive engagement.