PAVLOV’s Creative Internship: 10 Things to Know

Written by: Britta Wichary & Lee Shaw

During our time as interns in the creative team at PAVLOV, we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks. We hope these insights are helpful to the next generation of interns who are lucky enough to create and learn at PAVLOV.


  1. Comeback kid

Get to know the creative team and be prepared to get quippy. The average day in the creative space is filled with lighthearted jokes, clever retorts, and friendly haranguing. Once you get acquainted with the creative team, the sky is the limit.

  1. Be a bookworm

If you have any reference books that are particular to your position, such as grammar style guides for copywriters and design manuals for graphic designers, bring these texts to the office. You’ll be tasked with a wide variety of projects and never know what tidbit of information will set you on the right path.

  1. Keep your cool

Sometimes the power goes out. Sometimes your computer crashes. These are just potholes on your road trip to creative bliss. If you lose your files, take a breath. Thank your computer, as it has provided you with an opportunity to make a new start.

  1. Bring a sweater

Some say the creative space is so physically cold because we’re such cool cats. They were right. Bring a sweater because we’re freezing this place down we’re so chill.

  1. Listen to this crazy idea

In this industry, especially at PAVLOV, inspiration isn’t hard to find. Ask your team about their favorite online and print resources. Google. Explore. Create. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll be eager to discover new creative directions and make innovative pieces each day.

  1. Punny you should say that

Puns are the lifeblood of the American economy creative space. Not many of them make it to print, but we love to throw puns at each other all day long. They can also be a great source of inspiration, as you never know what ideas a clever pun can spark.

  1. Write a lot. Design a lot. Options are good.

We‘ve found that providing the creative team with options is the best way to operate. Whether you’re writing taglines or designing graphics, take the time to draft up different variations. You never know what concept will strike a chord with the creative team.

  1. Nice to Meet Me

Don’t be shy. If you can find your way into a meeting, take every opportunity you can get your hands on. Internal reviews, client meetings, and briefings are all extremely insightful and beneficial. Learning how clients operate and respond to creative is invaluable.

  1. (Hopefully) Everyone is a critic

You can only grow as a writer or designer by receiving and implementing constructive criticism. Whether it’s your creative director, art director, or another graphic designer, utilizing the insights provided by your coworkers will make you better at your job. As a creative, you can’t be married to what you make. Be hungry for honest critiques. Be a sponge. Absorb everything.

  1. Become a dynamic duo

Copywriting interns and creative interns are tailor-made to be best buds. You will be working together a lot on a variety of projects. Make sure you get to know your fellow interns, as the sooner you can start a dialogue and familiarize yourself with one another, the sooner you can start creating fantastic content.


Interning at PAVLOV has been an incredible experience. Whether we’re typing away at our laptops in the creative cluster, sitting in on internal reviews, or meeting directly with clients, we’re always learning. These insights are only a fraction of what we absorbed during our time at PAVLOV, an experience that we will never forget.

Bonus Tip: LOV the PAV with your whole heart.