New Ways to Advertise on Snapchat

In the past, Snapchat ads have been limited to either a single Snap ad that will play in between Stories or through the Discover section of the app. Both of these ad formats are easily skippable with just the tap of a finger, so Snapchat has created two new advertising formats that are sure to be more engaging. 

The first new Snapchat ad format is a “Promoted Story,” which essentially creates a slideshow of photos or videos that will be available to everyone on their Stories page. Users will be able to tap through the story as a way of learning more about the brand or product. From the story, snapchat users will be able to swipe up to go directly to an article, an app, or website. 

The second new Snapchat ad format is the “Augmented Reality Trial” ad, which will allow people to visualize and interact with a product which will be overlaid on the world around them. Rather than just seeing your face transform into something related to the brand like previous world lens ads, the new AR Trial ads will allow you to place the product in the space around you, tap it to see different colors or versions of it, and walk around it like it’s actually there.

To learn more about these new Snapchat ad formats, read this.