FROGBALL USA – More Than a Slogan, We Created a Movement

With TCU headed to its sixth NCAA College World Series, it seemed like an appropriate time to reflect on one of our favorite creative campaigns. When asked to create a marketing campaign for TCU’s baseball (then) coach, Jim Schlossnagle, and team, we knew we had to hit it out of the ballpark. Though TCU had fielded a baseball team since 1896, “Schloss” – and now coach Kirk Sarloos – had molded TCU into a perennial powerhouse, with six NCAA College World Series trips under its belt since 2010. Our goal was to transcend an ad headline and create a brand platform with long term staying power. Vanderbilt, another college baseball power, had its “Vandy Boys,” so we sought to emulate that in a way that was distinctly TCU. It became clear in our creative presentation to coach Schlossnagle that we had struck gold, and the phrase was adopted to represent the team going forward. Frogball was meant as a descriptor of the scrappy team characteristics, and USA was added to include the community that has loyally cheered and proudly supported the team over the past decade. So, when a baseball foe rolls into town, they face the team and Horned Frog Nation. To our pleasant surprise, Frogball USA has become a fan favorite, and is more than just an ad slogan – it’s a rally cry for a TCU Baseball movement that just set the record for attendance at a Texas college baseball game!