The 411 on Instagram Stories

Instagram-we’ve observed its growth from a small startup to now being the most popular social media platform among Millennials after its billion dollar purchase by Facebook. What started as a recreational photo-sharing app has transformed into a marketing powerhouse, used by many brands as an advertising tool. 

Instagram is constantly improving and releasing new features, one of its most influential being the Instagram story. Similar to Snapchat, Insta stories are ephemeral, meaning they only last 24 hours. Stories can be photos, videos, or boomerangs which can be enhanced with filters, texts, stickers, and they can include links or mention other users. 

For brands looking to connect with Millennials and take advantage of this platform, Instagram stories can be a solid way to drive consumer engagement and show followers more brand personality. 

This article contains helpful infographics that show the ins and outs of Insta-stories,how brands are using them, which brands are using them, and which industries these brands are in.