Social Media – Keep It Fresh

When curating social media posts across numerous platforms, it is crucial to have a balance of content you have created and material developed by brand industry experts. A mixture of these components will engage target audiences and provide social media managers with continuous and fresh subject matter. Below are three ways to achieve both.


Create It:

  1. Stay on top of brand news – Sign up for emails from PR Daily, check AdWeek on a regular basis, and follow similar brands on social media for inspiration. Articles and campaigns can spark ideas that will help create content for specific target audiences. It is also important to keep up with the latest marketing trends within the industry.
  1. Find a brainstorm buddy – Bouncing ideas off a few other people always helps to think outside of the box when stuck on a problem. Even if some of those ideas are really out there, it can always lead to something more, so be sure to have a notepad handy to jot down any ideas.
  1. Take a walk – It’s near impossible to come up with an entire campaign during a walk around the block, but it definitely gets the creative juices flowing. Pull ideas from what you do and see while you’re out of the office.


Find It:

  1. Canva is a photo-editing tool that allows you to insert text, resize images, and add graphics. Due to the frequent use of photos across almost all social media platforms, Canva should be a staple in every social media coordinator’s toolbox. In addition to the photo editing tools, Canva also sends out newsletters with design tips and typeface recommendations. (Word to the wise: make sure you’re well-versed on image copyright)
  1. Feedly is an app that aggregates articles, blog posts, podcasts, and YouTube channels relevant to your brand, and sorts them according to topic, essentially creating a customized news feed. Feedly makes sharing content on various social media platforms seamless.
  1. SmartBrief emails are also an excellent resource to utilize. With more than 225 unique newsletters broken down into 40-plus topics, there are SmartBriefs available for countless industries. From social media and marketing to higher education, SmartBrief has developed a newsletter full of relevant content that will interest target audiences.