Selective Scrolling: Why Engaging Content Is More Important Now Than Ever

How often are you guilty of aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, without giving a second thought to any of the content passing across your screen? With attention spans at an all-time low, there’s a new phenomenon rapidly rising throughout the digital world – here at PAVLOV, we refer to it as “selective scrolling.”

When photos of your friends and family are intertwined with an alarming amount of advertisements, your subconscious quickly begins to identify the qualities that make up a typical ad – and, without knowing it, your mind blocks out what isn’t considered relevant to you. Sound familiar? That’s because we all do it, every day.

So, how do you capture the attention of a selective scroller? As a content marketer, it’s important to ask yourself before posting on behalf of a brand, “Would I stop scrolling for this?” If the answer is no, then it’s back to the drawing board.

Whether it’s adding movement to your visuals, sharing user-generated content, or hosting a contest that encourages follower interaction, there are plenty of ways to break through the noise. The question is, are you willing to put in the time and effort to create content that truly stands out?

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