Out With The Old, In With The New

The New Year is almost upon us, bringing the completely wonderful and weird cultural phenomena that made up 2015 to a close – We were forced to say goodbye to Mad Men, realized our collective FOMO, basked in the glory of a revamped Star Wars, and sprinkled in the colloquial expression “on fleek.”

We can only assume that 2016 will bring forth exciting new trends that will ultimately alter consumer tastes.

Culturally savvy brands are on high alert for what cool new thingamabob or innovative jargon will pop up in the New Year. The question is – how can we predict these seemingly unpredictable crazes?

Fortunately, PAVLOV is always looking out for the latest trends and technologies that can improve the way our clients engage with their audience. Thanks to Sparks & Honey, we’ve already got some of the biggest trends of 2016 mapped out!

Sparks & Honey has collected and categorized emerging trends for 2016 in its recently released annual culture glossary. The report lists 100 cultural trends marketers should pay attention to in the next year. With categories such as athletics, media, tech/science, ideology, and humanity, these concepts truly run the gamut.

Check out the full SlideShare below to learn more about trends in coloring books, drone pets, and mood marketing:

2016 A-Z Culture Glossary from sparks & honey