Organic Social Isn’t Dead.

You’ve heard it at every digital summit, convention or luncheon. You’ve read it in every advertising publication.

“Organic social is dead.”

While paid social should be an essential part of every brand’s marketing mix, it doesn’t mean social media managers should bury their organic efforts just yet. At PAVLOV, we recognize the important role organic social plays in complementing paid campaigns, refining your brand voice, and converting followers into loyal brand advocates. Still not convinced? Here are three reasons why we believe organic social continues to have a strong pulse in the midst of a “pay to play” era:

1.  Authenticity: Social media shouldn’t be used as an ongoing sales pitch. Instead, brands should take advantage of organic methods to showcase their authentic voice, culture, and creativity – essentially showing their followers who they are, not just promoting the products or services they offer. When your brand story resonates with your followers, they are much more likely to become loyal advocates. For example, instead of sharing another product promotion – spotlight a hardworking employee, post a behind-the-scenes look into the development process, or share a photo or video of a happy customer.

2. Relevancy: One way to stay relevant on social media is to join the conversation, and you can’t have a strong voice in every trending topic or discussion without the use of organic social. Interacting with users through outlets that aren’t directly promoting your brand can build trust and relevancy between you and your potential new customers. Don’t just post content on your page – follow your competitors, engage with relevant industry leaders, participate in a Twitter chat, and comment on trending media articles. In doing so, you’ll position your brand as a go-to source or thought leader within your industry.

3. Balance: Both organic and paid efforts are crucial to a brand’s success on social media, and it’s important to recognize that a balanced approach will deliver the best possible results. Before launching an expensive ad campaign, it’s important to lay the groundwork with plenty of engaging, organic content. In doing so, you’re incentivizing users to not only click on your ad, but also follow your page, engage with your content, and potentially become returning customers.

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