Details in the Design

Have you checked out our digs on West 7th Street? Little by little, our new space is coming together and each new addition to has its own story to tell.

Our wood bench and side table, made by Fort Worth-based Bradfield Designs, was crafted from 400-year-old long leaf heart pine. Due to over-harvesting, only a small amount of this material still exists today. Before making its way to Fort Worth, the tree was cut down at an estimated 300-years-old, and used as material to build a barn in South Carolina. A century later, a local company purchased the reclaimed wood, and the rest is history.


Andrew Bradfield of Bradfield Designs said that long leaf heart pine is a rare wood to work with due to its scarcity. Although the tree was cut down more than 100 years ago, he was pleasantly surprised to see that it remained aromatic and full of resin. He said it was a great experience to craft the bench from such an interesting piece of wood and it currently stands as one of his favorite works.


Inspiration can be found in a number of ways. Whether it’s a 400-year-old wood bench, a futuristic phone booth, or a giant dog greeting us at the door, PAVLOV has made it a priority to surround ourselves with things that inspire us every day.

To see more of Andrew’s work, visit: