3 Ways To Ensure Your Media Plan Is Politically Correct

No matter the setting, you can bet politics will be a hot-button topic of conversation. With 2018 being a midterm year, it’s imperative for advertisers to have these conversations if they want to keep their clients in the race.

Like most advertisers, candidates will spend tons of money while on the campaign trail. Just how much money? Borrell Associates projects $8.8 billion will be spent this year in overall political advertisements. Unlike the rest of us, the law grants candidates access to the network’s lowest unit rate. This leaves TV & radio stations with limited inventory and inflated rates, which makes it more difficult for reliable advertisers to find ad space in the months leading up to election day.

So how do we help our clients navigate these political waters?

1) We prepare for the political fray.

The 60 days leading up to an election is the most competitive “season” for media airspace, so it’s very important for businesses to be aware of this when planning their media calendars. At PAVLOV, we pride ourselves on being aware of times (and trends) like this, and we will inform & educate our clients as early as possible so that they don’t find themselves in a pickle come election time.

2) We identify other options & make alternative recommendations.

This can include non-news/prime dayparts, cable, digital and over-the-top media services.

3) We utilize exclusive sources.

PAVLOV maintains day-to-day communication with our station partners and media reps about the evolving political landscape and its effect on station inventory/rates. We also utilize best-in-class media analysis & research software, FreeWheel, and the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Public Inspection Files to document each media buy placed by a candidate on each station.